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the world should know.

the world should know.

Yo, moto.

First, consider this:

Now, let’s look at the moto.

I took off the rear wheel when I had to get the tire replaced (found a nail in the tire). This is remarkably easy, but considerably intimidating to someone who doesn’t have much experience disassembling the vehicle that gets them around every day. I labeled every piece of hardware as I removed them, just to be extra careful.

Anyways, I took pictures.


I used two large cinder blocks to lift the bike. There are a few towels laid over the blocks to protect the exhaust pipes of the bike.

Honda Manual Instructions
This is from the Honda Manual. Click on the picture to view a larger version.

This is the “driver side” with the chain adjustment/lock nuts already loosened.
I have also already removed the chain guard.


Alrighty. The very top nuts that you see are for the chain adjustment. These need to be loosened on both sides, along with the rear axle nut. I recommend loosening the rear axle nut before the bike is put on whatever lift you intend to use. It’s just easier while the bike’s weight is holding the tire still.

To the side of the exhaust pipe is the brake arm. At the end of the arm is the brake adjusting nut, which allows you to adjust the rear brake by turning the nut.

To the bottom, you will see the brake torque link, which requires a cotter pin. This is what we need to remove after safely lifting the bike to a secure position.

rear brake torque link

parts to rear brake torque link
These are the parts to the rear brake torque link. Note the hole in the bolt for the cotter pin. The cotter pin is not included in this picture. (I ended up misplacing it and used a piece of a metal hanger as a substitute.)

rear brake adjustment nut
The brake adjustment nut once more.

rear brake adjustment nut
After removing the brake torque link, remove the brake adjusting nut. Be sure to keep track of your parts.

Removal of brake rod and brake adjusting nut from brake arm.

Remove the rear axle nut and pull out the axle. Be aware of your hardware while pulling out the axle.
Push the rear tire forward until you have enough slack in the chain to remove it from the sprocket. I had to set the tire on my legs to hold it up while I dislodged the chain.

Sweet. Now your tire is off.

Goes around the rear axle.

rear brake
Rear brake. Easily disassembled. Keep track of your parts.
Be aware that your bearing for your rear axle may fall out. Keep track of that, yo.
This is all super easy, but I hope that pictures will help to ease your mind if you’re trying to do this for the first time. They were helpful for me as I second guess everything.


Plight of the Airport Pooper

I think that says it all.

Black Metal Blog Post

I’ve just spent over two hours reading about Norwegian Black Metal. Generally, I’m not a fan of metal.

I decided to document my internet trail to my metal education.

Law And Order: BFD from This American Life on Vimeo.

led me to

Dave Hill

led me to


led me to


and by this point I have multiple tabs up including






Start clicking. Get learned.

I suppose

This is my favorite Facebook exchange that I’ve had so far.

Jared is on you like the swine flu.
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Jesse at 1:18pm April 28
It’s a pigdemic.

Jared at 2:54pm April 28
You’re gonna joke around and swined up dead!

Cheryl at 5:00pm April 28
OH Jared Don’t swine so much!!!

Jesse at 5:14pm April 28
This conversation is beginning to boar me.

Jared at 5:49pm April 28
I’d think of something clever, but I’m not supposed to be on fb at work, and I don’t want my coworker to SQUEAL on me.

Jesse at 7:00pm April 28
Well, you reap what you sow.

Jared at 7:15pm April 28
They said you can’t get it from actually eating pork, but this little piggy will be having roast beef just in case.

Jesse at 8:58pm April 28
I know that I really shouldn’t add anything else (as this has been going so long) but it’s just such a relief to have a sow-tlet for all my fears about this issue.

Jared at 9:07pm April 28
Well played.

gar bahj.

The internet let me down today. I posted links all over the place and not one single person answered my questions.


I put up a new banner to make myself feel better.