Um, excuse me? Oh, Barclay sucks.

K, so I’m not always the most responsible person. I’ve had a credit card balance floating around for a while now, but I’ve recently decided to get that shit got! Like, no more. You can’t be a baller if you owe people money, and all I want is to make it to the Baller Registry (never mind the fact that that site is no more).

So, I called my credit card company (Barclaycard of Barclay Bank in Delaware) and was told that last year, my rate was raised to 30.24% because of the rising cost of doing business and the hard, downward turn that the economy took. They would check and see if I qualify for a lower rate. I was told that this increase had absolutely nothing to do with my history as a client, and was even told that I had a strong standing with the company.

I was told that I was only eligible for a reduction from 30.24% to 29.xx%. Apparently, this is not subject to review, this is automated. Whatever the operator is told from the system, she has to go by. She said that I would qualify for a greater reduction in my APR when I called back next time.

Next time? Like, 5 minutes from now? What the hell is next time? The operator stated that she’s not sure what the next time is. So, the “system” is set up to where the cardholder has to call back AGAIN to get a descent rate. Let’s think about that. How many people (like me, Ms. 30.24%-APR-Cardholder-Because-Who-the-Fuck-Wants-to-Call-the-Card-Company) are going to put this off for another half of a year? What’s more, how is the representative to whom I am talking going to be just as oblivious as I am as to when I should call back?

Something is rotten in Denmark.

But, who am I to argue with such grand logic? So, if you can’t beat ’em, ditch ’em.

Here’s my good-bye email that I sent to Barclay, sweet and to-the-point:

29% is absurd. 29% is an absolute ripoff. If the costs of running your company are so outrageous, I would suggest reviewing your management methods, not charging your customers preposterous interest rates.

I will be paying off this card today and closing this account. If I want to get screwed, I’d rather it be at home.


2 responses to “Um, excuse me? Oh, Barclay sucks.

  1. This is doo doo juice.

  2. Yes It Is. To add injury to insult, they have to check your credit score every time so that’s a hit on my FICO score.

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