I suppose

This is my favorite Facebook exchange that I’ve had so far.

Jared is on you like the swine flu.
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Jesse at 1:18pm April 28
It’s a pigdemic.

Jared at 2:54pm April 28
You’re gonna joke around and swined up dead!

Cheryl at 5:00pm April 28
OH Jared Don’t swine so much!!!

Jesse at 5:14pm April 28
This conversation is beginning to boar me.

Jared at 5:49pm April 28
I’d think of something clever, but I’m not supposed to be on fb at work, and I don’t want my coworker to SQUEAL on me.

Jesse at 7:00pm April 28
Well, you reap what you sow.

Jared at 7:15pm April 28
They said you can’t get it from actually eating pork, but this little piggy will be having roast beef just in case.

Jesse at 8:58pm April 28
I know that I really shouldn’t add anything else (as this has been going so long) but it’s just such a relief to have a sow-tlet for all my fears about this issue.

Jared at 9:07pm April 28
Well played.


One response to “I suppose

  1. LOL….that was good………quick wit, the best kind of wit too

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