Endless surfing

Today has been lazy to the max. I’ve been pretending that there isn’t a world outside of this house, my only connection being to various websites I’ve visited, which I can pretend are some sort of made-up entertainment.

Here are some of the things I’ve encountered:

NC Panel Recommends Reparations for Victims of Forcible Sterilization
A state House panel recommended the state give $20,000 to victims of the eugenics program, which sterilized about 7,600 people between 1929 and 1975 who were considered to be mentally handicapped or genetically inferior. Though North Carolina and several other states have apologized for such programs, none have offered reparations.

Pyrophones, also known as explosion/fire organs, are musical instruments which are sounded by explosions, fire, rapid combustion, rapid heating, and other thermoacoustic devices.

Metal Heart from Keith Loutit on Vimeo.

The Revolutionary Pleasure of Thinking for Yourself


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