Big Ballers, meet me outside

I just got back from what feels like the longest drive. I spent three days in Salisbury with my family and came back with a car packed to capacity with my belongings from middle school onward. My only option for seeing what was around me was my front windshield and my driver’s side window. I was able to clock lots of time listening to 102 Jamz, which was refreshing. Really. I bounced as much as my seat belt would allow. I had to hurry back tonight because I’m supposed to show my room to some guy tomorrow (we’re renting it out starting Jan).

I’m glad I came back tonight… The house could use some straightening up. My room, especially, is in some sort of disarray. As soon as I walk in I notice clothes everywhere, boxes, books and shoes on the floor and I have even left my vibrator lying to the side of my bed. I don’t know if that would start an interesting conversation or cause an ackward silence, but I imagine I would have gotten a story I could tell for years.

I have about five apples that are past their prime for eating plain. I need to come up with some crafty kitchen recipe to use them with.

I feel so much better after these past few days. I can’t wait for school to start. I keep waiting for my car to break down. Ah, time to finish cleaning.


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