cold feet

Oh, diddlydoll. Christmas is coming up fast but I just don’t feel it yet. The calendar urges me to have a sense of urgency but my mind is so content to focus on other things. Maybe content is the wrong word. My mind has to focus on other things now. I’ve enrolled for a full semester of classes at Durham Tech that will start on January 12. I picked up a second job doing bookkeeping for a small computer company run by an acquaintance. I bought a computer. I’m sad but grateful for times gone and hopeful for times to come. I’m hopeful that I’ll put myself to good use. I’m hopeful things turn out ok. I’m hopeful things turn out awesome. I only have one and a half semesters until I finish my Associates in Arts. I don’t know what I’ll do after I finish it, but I do know that it will be nice to have hit a milestone. Watching Russ play the guitar on Rock Band while still wearing a tie & button up is making me smile so hard.

Since I have my very own computer now, I’ve decided to brush up on my computer skills.


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