I had a nightmare with Sarah Palin as a lead character. I can’t even remember most of it but I do know the feeling I had when I was woken and it was horrible. She had black nails, I remember that, and a baby. Ugh. I can honestly say I’ve never had a politician in my dreams or nightmares. Hooray for first times, right?

I guess it shouldn’t be too unexpected. I’ve followed this election closer than any other, as I’m sure many others have. After listening to Palin’s introductory speech at the Republican National Convention, I was so appalled that I considered, for the first time, volunteering for a presidential campaign… Obama’s presidential campaign.

The way that the McCain campaign has played the “poor defenseless woman” card is absolutely disgusting and I would hope that women everywhere are as insulted as I am. How on earth can you expect our next-in-line for Commander in Chief to make difficult decisions when you can’t even let her answer questions from reporters?

Also, the campaign’s attempts at controlled pr stunts completely floor me. I feel like this should be a major discussion point for every news program and among citizens. All of this closed-door, “we’ll let you know what we want to let you know” is infuriating, misleading, and outright wrong.

One more tidbit:

“At Palin’s rally, reporters weren’t permitted to talk to the audience, the St. Petersburg Times reported. When reporters tried to leave the designated press area and head to where the crowd was seated, an escort would dart out and turn the person around, Times staff writer Eileen Schulte wrote on the paper’s Web site.”


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