Bog of Eternal Stench

Wahwow. I’ll be going to my second set of classes with Forrest Covington. First will be the history of western music, followed by basic music theory and notation. The man is an incredible teacher. I think I was one of the most excited people ever when I went home last week and played music on the keyboard by….

….reading sheet music! Woohoo! Not that I could read it all properly. Sharps and what not threw me off because I wasn’t quite sure which note was supposed to be sharp when reading chords. But, I got the jist of it and could make some neat sounding tunes. I even started to put some lyrics down to a particular chord progression that I like. Now, if only I could find someone who can sing… Ah, but that is for another day.

Tim told me about a band called Grand Archives from Seattle so I looked them up at the library and lemme tell ya, they are awesome. I’m sitting at the library now, enjoying the music, and trying to ignore the fact that someone nearby has a horrible case of the farts. Not just semi-stinky farts, but from the depth of the Stink Farm farts.

My next assignment for my photography class if to take one single shot of something that is continuous in one shot with multiple aperture settings. I’m kind of excited to see the results but I need a freaking tripod. Erk. Ah, well. I’ll wait for a day with rock steady hands. I’m anything but rock steady today. I’m shaky and nervous and I feel like my heart is beating in the back of my throat. I hope no one around can see me tremble on the outside like I am inside.

I’ve just returned Haruki Murakami’s “After Dark” to the library and I have “Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman” sitting on the computer desk next to me. It’s a collection of short stories that I wanted to check out last time but someone else already had. Not that I’m complaining, because “After Dark” was great. I sat down after work last night and read the entire book. I finished around 4am.

Well, I’m off to look up a little about Greek music before I go in for class.


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