I just finished shooting my first roll of Kodak Ultra Color film and now I just want it to be Monday so I can take it down to Southeastern Camera and get the film developed. Most of the pictures were of vegetation outside with different lighting. I should probably broaden my horizons a little but I justify my lack of variety with my lack of photography experience. I probably should take 2-3 pictures of the same thing as long as I have different angles, right? I’ve got to figure out what I like somehow. I would like to take more pictures of people but I just adore the trees outside. I especially love how all of the leaves turn a bright, vivid green before a thunderstorm. Resting against a graying sky just brings out the color that much more. It’s like the bark gets more depth just to work with the color of the leaves. On that note, check out this page.

I haven’t finished my skirt because I became so frustrated with the way that the fabric was constantly being pulled under needle plate. Add to that that the thread was constantly getting tangled and the end result is that I’m going to try something with woven cotton fabric. Maybe I’ll have better luck. I’ve read that to work with knit (the fabric of my skirt) you should have a walking foot to help feed the fabric and to help prevent tangles such as the ones I’ve experienced. Urk.

The lease is up at our house at the end of May and we’re on the lookout for a new place. I think I’m gonna split off from everyone and look for a room to rent elsewhere. There is a super tight place on Hayes Ave but the rental management of the property (Louise Beck) is a bunch of super douches that never answer the phone or return calls. blegh.

Also, I found this clip about how to be awesome on YouTube.



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