While trying to catch up on a few recent political events, I ran across a few O’Reilly videos on YouTube. I had somehow managed to forget about the man that absolutely infuriates me. I had forgotten about how angry and baffled I become when I watch him. I had forgotten about how easily I can use the word “hate” when I think of him.


Then I remembered that that’s what gives him the power and celebrity that he has now. He’s not supposed to represent a large portion of Republicans, whites, or Americans, or anyone. Bill O’Reilly is the Jerry Springer of the media. We watch him because he’s so ridiculous. How can an older, white, well-dressed anchor of a news commentary show actually be so outrageously rude, juvenile, and derogatory to anyone that doesn’t agree with his point of view?

He knows what he’s doing; he knows that he’s good at it. The network knows it, too.

It doesn’t matter how loud O’Reilly yells or how shocking his behavior is if he doesn’t have an audience. I give it another week before I forget about him all over again.


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