I still think Flutz is a cool name.

Go for it, American Apparel.


Um, excuse me? Oh, Barclay sucks.

K, so I’m not always the most responsible person. I’ve had a credit card balance floating around for a while now, but I’ve recently decided to get that shit got! Like, no more. You can’t be a baller if you owe people money, and all I want is to make it to the Baller Registry (never mind the fact that that site is no more).

So, I called my credit card company (Barclaycard of Barclay Bank in Delaware) and was told that last year, my rate was raised to 30.24% because of the rising cost of doing business and the hard, downward turn that the economy took. They would check and see if I qualify for a lower rate. I was told that this increase had absolutely nothing to do with my history as a client, and was even told that I had a strong standing with the company.

I was told that I was only eligible for a reduction from 30.24% to 29.xx%. Apparently, this is not subject to review, this is automated. Whatever the operator is told from the system, she has to go by. She said that I would qualify for a greater reduction in my APR when I called back next time.

Next time? Like, 5 minutes from now? What the hell is next time? The operator stated that she’s not sure what the next time is. So, the “system” is set up to where the cardholder has to call back AGAIN to get a descent rate. Let’s think about that. How many people (like me, Ms. 30.24%-APR-Cardholder-Because-Who-the-Fuck-Wants-to-Call-the-Card-Company) are going to put this off for another half of a year? What’s more, how is the representative to whom I am talking going to be just as oblivious as I am as to when I should call back?

Something is rotten in Denmark.

But, who am I to argue with such grand logic? So, if you can’t beat ’em, ditch ’em.

Here’s my good-bye email that I sent to Barclay, sweet and to-the-point:

29% is absurd. 29% is an absolute ripoff. If the costs of running your company are so outrageous, I would suggest reviewing your management methods, not charging your customers preposterous interest rates.

I will be paying off this card today and closing this account. If I want to get screwed, I’d rather it be at home.

flutz is my new street name

cause my heart be flutter’n all de time.

figyour things out

yeh, do the silent mind shuffle. put that shit on random. typin some nonsense that makes sense to me and makes different sense to you and in the end melds with all the sense-ical to be nonsense. so do the dance like do-cee-do and spin round til you hit the 180 and once more back to 360.



Dear Fenriz,

Google searches on your name are the only reason my blog gets any traffic. Maybe if I actually told anyone I had a blog, my chances of internet traffic that may actually be interested in my posts would increase. Though, this is doubtful. Fenriz, please appreciate my words, for I appreciate all that you’ve done for me.

Thank you,

tuman hetris

Human TetrisCelebrity bloopers here


I am a girl. A grrrrl. That’s me.

the world should know.

the world should know.

Yo, moto.

First, consider this:

Now, let’s look at the moto.

I took off the rear wheel when I had to get the tire replaced (found a nail in the tire). This is remarkably easy, but considerably intimidating to someone who doesn’t have much experience disassembling the vehicle that gets them around every day. I labeled every piece of hardware as I removed them, just to be extra careful.

Anyways, I took pictures.


I used two large cinder blocks to lift the bike. There are a few towels laid over the blocks to protect the exhaust pipes of the bike.

Honda Manual Instructions
This is from the Honda Manual. Click on the picture to view a larger version.

This is the “driver side” with the chain adjustment/lock nuts already loosened.
I have also already removed the chain guard.


Alrighty. The very top nuts that you see are for the chain adjustment. These need to be loosened on both sides, along with the rear axle nut. I recommend loosening the rear axle nut before the bike is put on whatever lift you intend to use. It’s just easier while the bike’s weight is holding the tire still.

To the side of the exhaust pipe is the brake arm. At the end of the arm is the brake adjusting nut, which allows you to adjust the rear brake by turning the nut.

To the bottom, you will see the brake torque link, which requires a cotter pin. This is what we need to remove after safely lifting the bike to a secure position.

rear brake torque link

parts to rear brake torque link
These are the parts to the rear brake torque link. Note the hole in the bolt for the cotter pin. The cotter pin is not included in this picture. (I ended up misplacing it and used a piece of a metal hanger as a substitute.)

rear brake adjustment nut
The brake adjustment nut once more.

rear brake adjustment nut
After removing the brake torque link, remove the brake adjusting nut. Be sure to keep track of your parts.

Removal of brake rod and brake adjusting nut from brake arm.

Remove the rear axle nut and pull out the axle. Be aware of your hardware while pulling out the axle.
Push the rear tire forward until you have enough slack in the chain to remove it from the sprocket. I had to set the tire on my legs to hold it up while I dislodged the chain.

Sweet. Now your tire is off.

Goes around the rear axle.

rear brake
Rear brake. Easily disassembled. Keep track of your parts.
Be aware that your bearing for your rear axle may fall out. Keep track of that, yo.
This is all super easy, but I hope that pictures will help to ease your mind if you’re trying to do this for the first time. They were helpful for me as I second guess everything.


Plight of the Airport Pooper

I think that says it all.

Black Metal Blog Post

I’ve just spent over two hours reading about Norwegian Black Metal. Generally, I’m not a fan of metal.

I decided to document my internet trail to my metal education.

Law And Order: BFD from This American Life on Vimeo.

led me to

Dave Hill

led me to


led me to


and by this point I have multiple tabs up including






Start clicking. Get learned.

I suppose

This is my favorite Facebook exchange that I’ve had so far.

Jared is on you like the swine flu.
Mon 9:04pm · Comment · LikeUnlike · Show Feedback (12)Hide Feedback (12)

Jesse at 1:18pm April 28
It’s a pigdemic.

Jared at 2:54pm April 28
You’re gonna joke around and swined up dead!

Cheryl at 5:00pm April 28
OH Jared Don’t swine so much!!!

Jesse at 5:14pm April 28
This conversation is beginning to boar me.

Jared at 5:49pm April 28
I’d think of something clever, but I’m not supposed to be on fb at work, and I don’t want my coworker to SQUEAL on me.

Jesse at 7:00pm April 28
Well, you reap what you sow.

Jared at 7:15pm April 28
They said you can’t get it from actually eating pork, but this little piggy will be having roast beef just in case.

Jesse at 8:58pm April 28
I know that I really shouldn’t add anything else (as this has been going so long) but it’s just such a relief to have a sow-tlet for all my fears about this issue.

Jared at 9:07pm April 28
Well played.

gar bahj.

The internet let me down today. I posted links all over the place and not one single person answered my questions.


I put up a new banner to make myself feel better.

Questions for women over 40:

Hello! I’m hoping for women over 40 to answer these questions to help out with a homework assignment I have. Thanks so much for your time!

Was the feminist movement visible in your life around the 70s/early 80s? How so?
How did the feminist movement affect your daily life?
How did the feminist movement affect your long-term perspective on life?
Do you feel that the feminist movement was successful? How do you define successful?
What were your feelings toward the feminist movement while it was happening? What are your feelings toward the feminist movement now?


But really, you can’t help but smile when you hear Louis Armstrong‘s gravelly voice. You definitely smile when you see that goofy dude smile. Here is the virtuoso trumpet player that got his start on the streets of Storyville with Velma Middleton performing St. Louis Blues.
Original Composition W.C. Handy
You will smile so hard.

I really wanted to find Bessie Smith singing St. Louis Blues, but I wasn’t big on the one version I could find on YouTube. Still, if you’re reading this, you obviously have a lot of time on your hands, so go look it up.

Blind Lemon Jefferson is going to take his name back.

Composer/Performer: Robert Johnson (1911-1938)

Subtle, right?

Tom Deininger

I like this video by this artist. The original link was titled “Chasing Muses” but when that link didn’t work, I saw a similar introductory screen and here it is. I appreciate artists that use discarded items or things that we just don’t ever think of as instrumental in beauty. While browsing his work, definitely check out the videos posted with them. They show different angles of his pieces that give you a better idea of the complexity of his work.

Shaq’s Twitter Bio, just so you know:

Thanks to Shaq, I stumbled upon the Big Baller Registry. Unfortunately, it is not up and running 100% yet. When it is though, we can all look forward to a reliable site to buy our whips and cribs from.

There will even be a directory of Baller owned businesses.


We can also choose our baller affiliation:


So, don’t forget.


UNC Chapel Hill won the NCAA Championship tonight and I got to witness the Franklin Street carnage first hand. Perhaps I will post more (including picutures) later. Tonight, I am drunk on celebratory ale and bourbon. Goodnight all.


Had the most vivid/intense nightmare-ish sort of dream last night. It wasn’t out & out death and carnage but symbolically it was the worst dream ever. I could feel the things happening to me in my dream with a truly frightening lifelike sensation. Played a guitar that was out of tune with broken strings, some sort of dark & twisted version of my Little Martin. Woke up with a huge slobber streak on my pillow and the thought that I have to do my school work.

I want to move to some foreign country and live in a shanty town where no one speaks my language.

will to do

I am working on my presentation for Women’s Studies right now which led me to believe that perhaps the casual web surfer would be interested in what The Secret Language of Birthdays has to say about my birthday!

June Twenty-Seventh
The Day of the Defensive Developer
Those born on June 27 believe that the most effective offense is supported by a good defense. Extremely protective of their personal kingdom (be it family or business), they venture out into the world cautiously and only after their home base is secure from external threats. Once their guidance system is locked on, however, they proceed inexorably to their target, rarely straying off course. Thus, June 27 people are unbelievably determined once they set their sights on something and tend to get it, no matter what.
There is usually a rock-solid set of moral convictions behind the drive and determination of June 27 people. Because of these convictions, those born on this day feel one hundred percent that their actions are just and correct, and they are rarely given to questioning themselves. The goals of most June 27 people are, generally speaking, highly personal rather than worldly, buy they also have a strong competitive streak which urges them to overcome those they regard as competitors or rivals. In doing so, however, they can make very powerful enemies who later obstruct their progress, or in rare cases destroy or defeat them. (!! I’d like to apologize to anyone that I’ve ever harmed or angered.)

At least in their philosophy and attitude, June 27 people have little capacity for admitting defeat. (C’mon, really?) The benefits of such steadfastness are obvious, but may also result in an inflexible personality which is unwilling to accept unpleasant truths, and exhibits a kind of tunnel vision. When people are repelled by such a stance, or worse yet attack a June 27 person verbally, those born on this day may get bewildered, close down and withdraw into a kind of well-armored shell. (My other self is a turtle.)

An intense desire to protect not only themselves but also their family, friends or social group is of course one of the prime characteristics of June 27 people (hence the moat around my house). They may, however, appear overly aggressive toward others; indeed they are masterful at alternating quickly between attack and defense (thank you to my fencing instructor).

Because they are so firm in their convictions, June 27 people can make fine salespeople (my dream of working at Nordstrom can come true!). They could sell ice to Eskimos or pasta to Italians (nailed it). Particularly once they have formed their ideological goals, firmed up their belief systems and sorted out their principles, they develop an overwhelming urge not only to share their values with others but to persuade, educate and convince.

Due to their marked empathatic abilities, June 27 people pick up quickly on feelings of others. But because of their somewhat antagaonistic manner, they will often provoke less than sympathetic reactions from those with whom they live and work. Indeed, others may perceive them as so strong and invulnerable that they are somehow less deserving of compassion or kindness.

The spiritual path of those born on June 27 is long and hard. Perhaps only after they have battled and achieved some measure of success can they allow time to first examine and then remake themselves. Hopefully, they will still be free to change and grow.


Convincing, Determined, Protective


Rigid, Closed, Isolationist

you want to look up “j bizzle fa shizzle”

Ok, procrastination over. Presentation time. Ugh.